Join Caerphilly County Swim Squad

If you are thinking of joining Caerphilly County Swim Squad, you will need to meet the following assessment criteria.

Assessment Criteria

  • Swim continuously for 200m as 50m front crawl, 25m back crawl, 25m breaststroke x 2. (Alternatively -50 f/c, 50 b/c, 50Brst, 50 own choice.)
  • Perform more advanced teaching practices/ drills, i.e. use of boards and floats, single arm practices, part stroke practices.
  • Perform a basic front crawl tumble turn.
  • Perform a head first entry into the water from the side.
  • Perform a basic dolphin butterfly leg action with no flotation aids.
  • Climb unaided out of the water.
  • Perform basic sculling actions head first and feet first.
  • Perform correct push and glide skills on both back and front.
  • Show a basic understanding of the use of the pace clock.
  • Show an understanding of lane discipline, e.g. direction of swim, spacing, passing other swimmers, pace etc.

If you are interested in becoming a member of C squad and are currently doing Pre competition lessons, please feel free to have a chat with a member of the committee or coaching team of CCSS.

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