Swim Shop

New Poolside kit is available for 2017. To be worn to and from competitions.

Tee-shirts 22cd28f9aedb8d7d7714bcdaf70d6d7d_image_78x106Tracksuit tops 19fa7acfff4cd981bf2f9dfeab0792cc_image_84x106 Short a828964cc382bf0dc6846d3f05657976_image_56x80

all the new kit is on hold, please speak with a member of the committee if you need to purchase kit.

Other CCSS kit can still be purchased:

TSS Sports of Caerphilly are the suppliers of certain kit for CCSS, and are able to offer all swimmers discount on embroidery for all club kit, including initials (name) at a discount price of £3.00. They have a website tsssport and can be found in Bartlett street, Caerphilly.

  Goggles – £12.00 – £20.00

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