Setting Up Email

Hi Everyone. Below you will find a brief ‘picture tutorial’ on how to set up your email. It is fairly straightforward but just in case..

1. You will receive an email to your inbox:

2. Open and read instructions:

Notice the email and password and the link you have to click on.

3. Type in the part before “” and also the password. Mine had a full stop at the end which I had to delete on entering the password.

4. Scroll through “terms of service” and make sure you type in the captcha code (at bottom of screen) correctly.

5. Enter the password again and create your own ‘memorable’ password. Don’t forget this as I’m not sure if I can retrieve it.

6. The welcome screen indicates the Google services available to this account (we only need to focus on one to start – Gmail).

7. Click on Gmail to view your inbox and other Gmail options.

8. You can now access this account directly through Gmail (which is all you need to do at the moment) or through

If you have any questions, fire an email off to me at

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