Nutrition for Training

Nutrition for training

A swimmer’s potential is established by heredity and realised through proper training. Good nutrition is the element that can make that realisation possible or prevent it from taking place.

The foods we eat supply the fuel that keeps our body’s engine running during exercise. Like a car, your body must have enough fuel to take it where it wants to go. It is not enough to simply have a full tank of fuel, however. The fuel must contain the best possible combination of ingredients so the engine runs as efficiently as possible and does not break down before the trip has been completed.  In other words, athletes require enough fuel to keep their bodies functioning and that fuel must be of a high quality so their bodies will perform well. For these reasons, good nutrition supersedes training because it is essential for proper training to take place.

Parents have asked coaches what food should swimmers take to competitions, how often do they need to eat, what do they need to drink and what food should they be eating in the run up to competitions.  The attached links provide a few ideas for parents on nutrition, hydration and ideas for family friendly meals :Fueling_Swimmers, Ideas for Recipes, Nutrition – The Basics

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