Swim Wales Summer Nationals 2019

Swim Wales is proud to present the Summer Open.

The Swim Wales Summer Open includes the Home Nation Summer Events and the Welsh Summer Open. The Home Nation Summer Events are the top 24 selected for British and the invited top swimmers, after those at British, who are invited to their respective home nation; for Wales this is the top 16 after those at British. These swimmers have priority/invited entry which must be made within the specified window.

Invited Entries (from rankings) CLOSED
Open Entries open 9am 27th June and close 4pm 5th July Swim Wales Summer Nationals

All remaining lanes (not taken by invited swimmers) and any additional we can offer will be made available for ‘open entries’; these are open spaces, first come first served until full. This event is an open competition and not a Welsh National (Welsh Nationals are Easter (Long Course) and Winter’s (Short Course)).

There will be multi-classification entry for this meet. This will go live Thursday 9am

Swim Wales Summer Natioanls-SOQT’s Swim Wales -Summer Nationals Schedule 2019 Swim Wales V3 Summer Nationals Open Meet pack 2019