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Caerphilly County Swim Squad – Meets and Entries

We would like to remind you that swimmers from CCSS only attend meets which have been targeted by its professional coaches on the fixture list :. The fixture list is worked out carefully throughout the year so as to benefit your swimmer in the long term.

Swimmers with Caerphilly’s swimming programme follow the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) structure and philosophy as recommended by British Swimming and the ASA.

‘Long Term Athlete Development is about achieving optimal training, competition and recovery throughout an athlete’s career, particularly in relation to the important growth and development years of young people’.

There are various phase’s within LTAD structure which are often overlooked by coaches, teachers and parents who focus on competition, winning and gaining PB times rather than the acquisition of basic skills, improving and maintaining fitness.

Competition is a test of skill refinement and over competing should be avoided, as coaches for Caerphilly County Swim Squad we work on the basis of 75% training and 25% competition ratio’s as recommended by British swimming’s LTAD framework.

Meets are planned in line with a swimmers training programme and cycle of work, a swimmer competing when in hard training often does NOT gain PB times and only leads to a frustrated and disappointed swimmer (and parent!).

Development squad swimmers (lower B and C) should be targeting Level 3&4 meets with the occasional Level 1&2 meet. This is so that swimmers are competing at a suitable standard and level in accordance to their present ability and training programme. These levels of meet will also allow B and C squad swimmers to reach finals and possibly win medals, which is a great boost to their confidence and overall development before moving up to the higher level meets in the future.

In recent years the club has grown in its membership and it is not always possible or practical for the whole club to attend the same meets. The coaches fully understand that some families have siblings in different squads and it is not always practical to have children swimming in different meets on different weekends as this has an impact on family time. If you have this problem please contact, Pete, Adrian or Siân and they will be happy to offer some advice.

Swimmers attending non designated club meets not only reflect badly on the whole club as there is no coach present poolside with them, but also will not be given any valuable guidance or feedback before and after their races.

Please note – The club and its professional coaches cannot be responsible for any swimmer attending meets without a ‘club designated coach’ poolside.

All Meet Entries

Unless stated otherwise the following conditions apply for all meet entries:

Entries MUST go through the club so the correct number of coaching staff be asked to attend

No Late entries will be accepted on our internal closing dates. All entries need to have the swimmers full name, address and contact number together with their WASA number, if you are not sure what your number is please speak with Andrea.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Caerphilly County Swim Squad’. All entries should be handed to Olga Fernandez or Debbie Wallbank ( who are available most days at Caerphilly and Heolddu), if either iare not available please hand to a committee member.

Peter Key –Head Coach

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