Caerphilly County Swim Squad was formed about 41 years ago as the Caerphilly Leisure Club. Shortly after its inception the club was renamed as the Rhymney Valley Swimming Club as it was felt that this name reflected the catchment area for swimmers attending the club. With changes in the Local Authority organisation, the club reverted to the name of Caerphilly County Borough Swim Squad. Now know as the Caerphilly County Swim Squad the club has nearly 100 members, and continues to grow and develop. Through the years as part of the WASA Mid Glamorgan group, the Club played an active part in meets and competitions. Caerphilly County Swim Squad is now – in 2017- in the South East Wales Region of the WASA.

In 2016 Caerphilly County Swim Squad merged with our sister disability swimming club “The Dragons”, where we were already using the same facilities and head coach, both club membership agreed for the development of swimming, the clubs would become one to which this is an opportunity to develop competitive swimming as a fully inclusive club for all swimmers.