Half Term Training times

During half term members of A squad will be taking part in a training camp in Cyprus.  To ensure that swimmers in all squads are able to train during half term, the following sessions will be available.

We have merged some sessions as a number of swimmers have already indicated that they will be away during the half term.

There will be no training on Saturday mornings during half term for A squad- they will train on Friday evening instead.

If you are not receiving the email updates, could you email your details to: Mail@caerphillycountyswimsquad.com , and include swimmers name and squad (A,B1,B or C). Information can also be found on our closed group facebook page Caerphilly county Swim Squad.

MONDAY Cefn Forest A,B,B1 6.00-7.00
TUESDAY Heolddu All squads 6.30-8.00
WEDNESDAY Heolddu A,B,B1 7.00-8.00
THURSDAY Cefn Forest C 6.00 – 7.00
THURSDAY Heolddu A,B,B1 7.30-9.00
FRIDAY Heolddu C 6.00-7.00
FRIDAY Heolddu A,B,B1 7.00-8.00

Author: Caerphilly County Swim Squad

Club secretary and Coach

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