A call for help – come and join CCSS 100 club

An invitation to join the Caerphilly County Swim Squad 100 club.

A new “CCSS 100 Club” is to be launched in May 2013! Your chance to win a cash prize every month. All money raised will benefit the swimmers of CCSS by subsidising trips/camps/or treats. By joining the 100 club you can help your child’s club as well as having a chance to win cash prizes every month!.

The CCSS 100 Club is a private lottery and is open to all parents, family and friends of Caerphilly County Swim Squad. Anyone age 16 or over can join.

Each month:
1) Prize : 50% of monthly income (eg if we have 100 members the prize is £50)
2) There will be a draw in the committee meeting held in the middle of the month. Prize winners will be published on the CCSS notice board and winners will be contacted and given a cheque prize.
3) Each member buys £1 number per month (more than one number per member is allowed)

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

If you haven’t paid your subscription – your number won’t go in that month’s draw. The more people who buy a subscription – the higher the prize money!

A full list of rules available on request, please return all direct debit forms, or subscriptions to Sarah Legg, or a member of the committee.

Attached is the Direct debit form : 100_Club_-_Direct_Debit_Form 2

Author: Caerphilly County Swim Squad

Club secretary and Coach

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